Who wants to be a..........


Pop Star, Film Star, Footballer, Lawyer, Banker, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher or Journalist? Or what about Architect, Accountant, Pilot, Police Officer, Army Officer, Pharmacist, Biologist, Zoologist or any other ologist.  Or what about being an "Engineer" 

Well the first three you would have to be very lucky and the remainder you have to be very clever don't you? Apart from being an engineer!!!!

That was actually said to me and what never ceases to amaze me is people's perception of engineering, and how they describe it. Statements such as "Engineering that's smelly and dirty", or "Engineering, nah you mean factory fodder", or "Apprenticeship? What in engineering, that's for people who aren't that bright"

Ring any bells with anyone? 

What about "I want to go to Uni and get a degree in..................... and earn lots of money" 

Err reality check, the average starting wage for a university graduate is around £19k to £22k, leaving university with an average debt of around £44k. 

Light bulb moment, if you are clever enough!!!  Get an engineering apprenticeship, learn a highly valued skill with exciting and rewarding career prospects in a diverse and ever changing advancing profession. 

Oh and you get paid from the start, all things considered it's a no-brainer really.

Imagine having the ability to be able to draw, design, mould, manipulate, machine, fabricate and manufacture any item or object? Then imagine having the skill to make that item or object move, to bring it to life!! Just imagine having that ability.

Now look around you and imagine a world without engineers, a world without technical, mechanical, electrical, civil or software engineers. 

A world, our world, without engineers could not function or even exist.


A future in the making.

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