The importance of a strong online presence at Subcon Laser


With close to 5,000 followers across the @SubconLaser and @TmonganTom Twitter accounts, General Manager of Subcon Laser, Tom Mongan is one of the digital leaders within our membership.

Tom featured in one of the earliest episodes of ‘Meet Britain's Makers’ on MIM TV back in September 2016 which to date has attracted over 750 viewers to this episode making it one of the most popular in the series so far. In the video, Tom discusses Subcon’s growth plans, past successes and life after Brexit as a manufacturer.

With Made in the Midlands having recently released a FREE download: 5 tips to boosting your online presence and sales for our members, MIM caught up with Tom to get his views on having a strong online presence.

“I think it's crucial to have an online presence incorporated within a sales strategy to cover all mediums as people of all ages are now using the internet to find out information. If you are not promoting yourself on the internet or social media  then nobody will ever know about you. You can spend millions investing in new equipment, but if nobody knows about it then what's the point?” Tom said.

Statistical research has indicated that more than 80% of consumers do their research online or via mobile, which means that having a digital presence is more important than ever. Tom continued: “I have strengthened relations with people using for example LinkedIn or Twitter. Subcon Laser do exhibitions and people that I have never met but are connected with me on either of those social mediums have visited our stands, introduced themselves and have recommended us to other people that require our services.”

Manufacturing leaders are fantastic sources of knowledge and it may seem logical to retain the information you have. Although, sharing your knowledge with the world has never been more valuable, as people always want to learn and get better. Believe it or not, your knowledge is already out there on the internet and someone is already shouting about it. Don’t give away all of your trade secrets, but you can attract people to your presence by writing about your experiences.

The digital marketing industry has done a great job in scaring people away from doing it all themselves. People sometimes suffer from the fear of exposing themselves or not having the qualifications. However, Tom explained: “People would expect me to write that Subcon is the best laser cutting company in the UK, the art is coming up with something that would grab people's attention and attracting them to your online presence, because you have a relatively short time frame to make an impression online.”

When you have a website, you need to tell everybody about your great work and Made in the Midlands can support you with that. We create a microsite, which provides you with a platform to upload news and we will spread your message to over 11,000 Twitter followers. Utilizing online social media platforms will help you to spread the message of your company, entirely for free.

Tom concluded: “I don’t know why people dwell on the idea of joining Made in the Midlands or doing MIM TV. Within a high tech laser industry, you have to be on top of new technology and also the social networks that help to promote yourself and the company. Made in the Midlands have a ready made audience to share the great news from our industry.”