Subcon Laser Manager appointed as Vice President for Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

By Subcon Laser Cutting
schedule8th Apr 20

General Manager of MIM member Subcon Laser, Tom Mongan, has recently been appointed as Vice President for the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce. 

Tom, who is currently Chair of the chamber’s branch, will continue his current role whilst also taking on the position of Vice President. 

He said:

 “I am extremely proud to take up this role and it comes at a time when every single business across the region – indeed the country, and the globe – is facing challenges, the like of which I’ve never seen before.

“And the chamber’s response to the coronavirus outbreak is, for me, a great example of why it remains such an important pillar of the business community and is why I am so proud to be taking up this new role.

“Since it became clear that the virus was going to have a major impact on businesses across our patch, the Chamber has been at the forefront of delivering up-to-the-minute information to members as well as speaking up on what companies need to help them face this crisis.

“Looking ahead, and I think it is important that we do look beyond the current crisis, there is so much to be positive about here in this region once we come through this situation."

Tom added: “As someone who works in manufacturing, I can see what a fantastic place this is for our sector with so many major companies operating here and hundreds more in the supply chain.

“I believe that strengthening the links between the largest manufacturers and the smaller suppliers in this region is something that we must look at and see how we can ensure that companies here can push themselves forward in order to see more contracts reshored to this area.”

You can find out more information about Subcon Laser by heading to their microsite:

(Source: The Business Desk) 


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