Subcon Laser backs Warwickshire to continue economic growth

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The county of Warwickshire has been ranked as of of the top countries for business growth, despite uncertainty on a national scale over trading conditions.

The was announced following an Economic Outlook Event held by Warwickshire County Council and the local Chamber of Commerce. Although confidence had dropped compared to findings in January but optimism in the region was shown to be well above the national average

Tom Mongan, General Manager of Nuneaton-based manufacturing company Subcon Laser on why the region’s businesses we positive currently said “We have an incredible location, with superb road, rail and air connectivity which is extremely attractive.

“And, while there is a wider issue around skills, we are blessed with a good level of skilled workers in this region due to the fantastic manufacturing heritage in Coventry and Warwickshire.

"From the major closures of bigger businesses in previous years, smaller companies have emerged in this sector and that has helped the region to keep those skills and, importantly, pass them on to the next generation.

“We are blessed with two fantastic universities – both of which understand and engage with business – alongside other institutions such as WMG and the MTC, as well as some outstanding businesses that are operating on the global stage such as Jaguar Land Rover, LEVC and MIRA .

“And, finally, it’s a great place to live too, which is vital when attracting the best talent – with a host of world-class attractions on our doorstep, breath-taking countryside and the City of Culture right in the middle.”