Raw Material Costs


I am somewhat stunned and totally bemused why most companies involved in manufacturing are not shouting from the rooftops about the price of steel.

Why is there no discussions? Is everyone that happy and content with what is happening? 

The cost of purchasing all types of steel, aluminium, stainless, copper and brass have shot through the roof.

The past twelve months has seen some types and grades of material rise by around 60% plus!! 

Who on earth can sustain such increases? 

I know we can't and therefore we have to increase our prices much to the annoyance of some of our customers, albeit we have only passed on a tiny fraction of that 60% increase. 

What do other Made in the Midlands members think? Are constant material price increases sustainable? Where will it end? What are the reasons? 

What steps has everyone taken to absorb or offset such increases.

Here at Subcon Laser we have invested in the very latest technology, therefore our laser systems work better than previous older systems which has helped us keep cost increases to an absolute minimum, but what does the future hold?