New £1 Million Pound Investment


Eighteen months ago Subcon Laser invested close to £1 million pounds in a 5kw Trumpf Brightline Fibre laser cutting machine and a nitrogen generating system, which helped them remain at the forefront of the laser industry whilst greatly reducing their carbon footprint.

However it now gives me great pleasure to announce further groundbreaking news regarding our latest and most exciting investments to date.

A further £1.25 million in the UK’s first 8kw Trumpf Brightline Fibre laser system and a Faro 3D measuring and scanning inspection arm.

The 8kw laser will allow us to cut materials thicker and faster than anyone else, this innovative cutting technology trudisk fiber laser is truly a game changer.  It will cut stainless up to 40mm thick, aluminium and mild steel up to 25mm thick and copper and brass up to 10mm thick. But we have not stopped there because we have added every optional extra available, including:

·  Smart Collision Prevention - This optional extra creates an intelligent processing strategy to maximise process stability and parts can be cut without using micro joints or tagging.

·  Titan Package –This allows titanium to be laser cut to aerospace standard and specification.

·  Dot Matrix Code –This option enables us to mark components with a standardised industrial code, the laser applies a data matrix code onto the parts being processed.

·  Drop and Cut – Allows small offcuts of material to be used more intuitively and efficiently thus reducing waste. A live image of the offcut inside the machine is projected onto the user interface allowing you to place part geometries directly onto the offcut.

·  Mobile Control – Lets you monitor and control the laser machine using an IPad app. Using the machine’s own wireless network the screen of the control panel and pictures taken by machine cameras are transmitted to the IPad so what is being produced can be monitored away from the machine.

·  CoolLine – Allows selective cooling of the work piece during the cutting process, especially useful when cutting fine detail in thick materials significantly increasing process stability.

There are a host of other extra’s included which makes this system the first of its kind to be used in the UK and Europe.  

We have also made a significant investment in quality, this new 3D measuring capability compliments our already comprehensive 2D inspection laser scanning systems, therefore ensuring quality components throughout the range of laser cut product.  

With these investments I firmly believe Subcon Laser will be able to produce some of the most cost effective, quality laser cut parts available throughout the UK and most of Europe.

For further details please give me a call on 024 7664 2221 or direct on 07976 399243.