Made in the Midlands Expo 2019: Subcon Laser Focuses on Bringing Their Industry Forward

By Subcon Laser Cutting
schedule12th Jun 19

Subcon Laser is both one of the oldest and largest laser cutting companies in the UK. From its inception in the eighties as a small business with a single machine, they quickly became the first in the UK industry to own and operate a 1.7kw laser system - and have been pioneering the way forward ever since.

Tom Mongan, General Manager at Subcon, has seen the expansive development of both the company and the industry in general over the 25 years he’s been with Subcon Laser. Mr. Mongan discusses the wide range of customers they’ve worked with, stating that: “I think the diversity of the people we work with is phenomenal.”

From working with Westminster Abbey and Rolls Royce, to travelling to places like Chicago to learn how about implementing Trumpf Smart Factory assets and Industry 4.0 procedures, Subcon have all the bases covered in terms of remaining on top in the world of UK laser cutting.

“We tend to bring in state-of-the-art systems every few years,” says Mr. Mongan, explaining that with every new acquisition of technology comes new opportunities for designing for more customers. To this end, Subcon are currently on the verge of investing in a 10kw laser system - a huge benchmark of progress since their early years of business.

This million-pound investment is perhaps the greatest example of what puts Subcon Laser ahead in the industry. They’ll be bringing this news to the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition, along with their expert knowledge and industry insight.

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