Well that's it the UK has voted out.

As manufacturers we now need to take stock as there will be the inevitable knee jerk reactions and a lot of political posturing. Unfortunately the campaign by both sides became personal and it should never be personal.  

The whys, wherefores and what happens next only time will tell, because in all of the rhetoric spouted by both the remain and out camps was there ever a Plan B?

However we at Subcon Laser, just like everyone else involved in engineering and manufacturing have not stopped making a top class product, our determination to succeed has not been diminished and we still have as much to offer today as we did yesterday.

We will weather the storm and hopefully together as manufacturers overcome whatever obstacles are thrown at us, we are still open for trade and we still wish to trade.  To me the message is simple, the people of Europe are not our enemy they are our partners with whom we wish do business with.

I wish nothing but good fortune for all Made in the Midlands members and for everyone involved in UK & European manufacturing.